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Thursday, 08 November 2007
The Club awards Life Membership to people making outstanding contributions to its success. These persons have been awarded Life Membership: George Green, Mick Downey, Carson Laird, Fred Gray, Tom Jones, George Lincoln, Merle Heiner, Ada Thompson, June Barrett, Andy Thompson, May Anderson, Les Hadlow, Ross Black, Kevin Jones, Gary Green, Ian Millard, Kay Albrecht, Ron Walsh, Faith Eiser, Alan Lievesley and Rohan Cassell.

All Life Members are special people who have done extraordinary things to make the club what it is today. While not trying to single out individuals, the following is a brief insight into some of those who have made outstanding contributions over very long periods of time.

Fred Gray

Fred Gray's involvement with the club commenced in 1933 when he was partly instrumental, with his father and George Green, in the formation of a junior team known as Mitchelton Rovers. The club's first trophies were donated by those three which, in the depression time, would have meant personal sacrifices. Fred coached junior teams and was later responsible for re-convening the club after the Second World War. Fred had served in the Seventh Division, AIF, in the Middle East and later in New Guinea. Fred was the Club's Honorary Secretary for 17 years. He also served as President and was the club's delegate to the Brisbane Association for many years. In a time when home telephones were rare, Fred conducted business in a local telephone box and when postage became too costly, he went out on his bicycle delivering Club letters. Fred was a Life Member and passed away in 1977. In 1981, the main playing field at Teralba Park was named the "Fred Gray Memorial Field" in his honour.

Keith Green

Keith passed away in 2006 after an association with the club starting back in 1959. During this time Keith occupied various positions including President, Committee Member, Team Manager, Canteen Convenor, Life Member, tireless worker and No. 1 supporter. Keith's sons, Gary and Robert, and grandsons, Chris, Douglas, Tim and Matthew, have played for Mitchie. In recognition of Keith's service, the club has introduced the Keith Green Trophy to be awarded to the Supporters' Player of the year in the Premier League team. Each year the Keith Green Golf Day is held also recognising Keith's service to the Club.

Carson Laird

Carson Laird's involvement with the Club started in 1933 when he played junior football with Fred Gray in the Mitchelton Rovers. Apart from playing and coaching, Carson also held various executive positions including club president. Carson still holds the record for the most number of goals for the senior team in one season (68). Carson was made a life member of the Club and maintained his interest in the Club until his death in 1996. Such was the role of the Laird family in the club that at one time Carson, two of his nephews and a brother-in-law played in the same team. Carson served in the AIF Munitions Corps during the war in the Middle East and in the Pacific Islands. The Carson Laird Memorial Trophy is contested each year between the Premier League teams of Mitchelton and Souths United.

George Lincoln

George Lincoln was another life member with a long association with the club. The Lincoln family has been represented by several generations with George's brother, Bill, sons, Geoff and Dennis, and grandson, Andrew, all pulling on the Mitchie playing strip. George was born in England and came to Australia when he was 9 years of age in 1920. He played in the local competition in the 1930s. He served on the Club's committee for many years and passed away in 1993 with over 50 year's association with the Club.

Mick Downey

Mick Downey was a railway employee and voluntary member of St John's Ambulance. He attended, in his ambulance uniform, home and many away matches for the club for over 40 years. The club held matches on the Queen's Birthday Weekend each year to raise money for Mick but such was his dedication, he donated the money to St John's Ambulance. One of Mick's most effective treatments for on field injuries was producing smelling salts. Injured players rather than having a sniff of the foul smelling salts recovered quickly.

Jones Family

The Jones family has had a long association with the club dating back nearly 50 years. Tom (TV) was a committee member and held a number of positions over the years including Secretary for approx 10 years and also served as President. Wife, Edna, was an active member of the ladies auxiliary committee. Sons, Les, Alwyn, Kevin, Garth and daughter, Brenda, and grandsons, Adam and Matthew, have all played for the club. Kevin has also been a committee member and has held the position of President for a number of years. Kevin has also been a senior and junior coach. Both Tom and Kevin were awarded Life Membership.

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Wet Weather Procedures

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Training Nights - To see if training has been cancelled because of bad weather:

  1. We will endeavour to post field closures on the Mitchie FC website between 4pm - 5pm;
  2. If this information is not available it is important that ONLY Managers call the Club to determine whether training has been cancelled.
  3. It is then the responsibility of the Manager to contact their respective teams.


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