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Thursday, 08 November 2007

First Annual Ball held

The Club's First Annual Ball was held at the Mitchelton RSL on 30 August 1952. Highlights outlined in the advertisement included: Queen of the Ball, Novelties and Supper. Dress was optional. Entry was 10/- double or 5/- single.

The Bee Gees

The internationally famous singing group, the Bee Gees, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, performed at the Mitchelton Soccer Club Trophy Night in 1960 before they shot to stardom. The Club paid the princely sum of £6/6/0 for the pleasure.

The then 14 year old Barry towered over his 11 year twin brothers and the quality of their performance left a lasting impression on their audience, many of whom have followed the careers of the young artists from this time.

The Bee Gees released their first international hit, New York Mining Disaster, in 1966 and their songs have topped the charts in five successive decades.

George Best comes to Mitchie Soccer Club

Football legend and superstar, George Best, visited Mitchelton Soccer Club on 18 July 1983. Best thrilled the packed club house and the more than 150 juniors who turned up to see the star and hound him for autographs. Long time club supporter, Mitchelton Pharmacist, Ril Garozzo, was largely responsible for sponsoring Best's visit to the club.

Teralba Park

The move to Teralba Park represents one of the most significant events undertaken by the Club in its long history. The Park has provided the infrastructure for the Club to participate at the highest level in Brisbane football.

Success has not been achieved without hard work and the Club has been blessed with a fine range of individuals who have given their time to help the Club achieve its goals.

Thirty-six acres of land on the southern side of Pullen Road was resumed by the Brisbane City Council in 1952 for use for park and recreation. It was named "Teralba" meaning "Big Trees". The land had originally been owned by Nicholas Mitchell after whom Mitchelton was named.

From 1860 to 1900 part of the area was a very successful Vineyard operated by Mr Jesse Pullen. The following 40 years the area had been occupied by very successful Chinese market gardeners.

The Park was leased by Mitchelton Sports Club in 1977 and now boasts 12 football fields. Through the hard work of volunteers, contractors and the Brisbane City Council, Teralba Park has been developed into one of the finest football complexes in Brisbane.

The dedicated people involved in the development of the Park also had to deal with not only the operations of a growing club but also the need to pull in additional funding for works at the new ground. Club members made financial commitments through team building levies, selling raffle tickets at the Brook Hotel, organizing raffles, carnivals and the annual fete. Selling bricks was a good fund raiser particularly pursued by Life Member, George Lincoln. Maynard Savage purchased the first brick sold.

It is difficult to name everyone who gave up their time to participate on a regular basis in working bees or fund raising activities to make Teralba Park what it is today but there are some who are worthy of mention: Arthur and Merle Heiner, Bill and Val Thompson, Frank and June Barrett, Duncan McDonald, Ross Black, Keith Green, Ray Bryant, Rob Beck, Col Ivey, Arthur Kitchener, Mick Bartkowski, Les Hunt, Terry and May Anderson, Kevin Jones, Len Snowdon, Eric Mitchell, Michael & Moira Blunt, Phil Harris, Deiter Klose, Graham Cleeland, Andy and Pat Baker, Ada and Andy Thompson and Garnett Kerr. Unfortunately, June Barrett, a Life Member, who had been one of the Club's greatest workers particularly in fund raising activities and the move to Teralba Park, passed away suddenly in 1983.


At the Brookside end of the park, a playground was constructed in memory of Kerrie Heiner. Kerrie passed away in 1977 from an illness at 10 years of age. Kerrie's family has had a long association with the Club as administrators and players. Kerrie's mother, Merle, is a Life Member of the Club and the Kerrie Heiner Memorial Trophy is awarded each year initially to the team raising the most money for the Club.

Des Miles - FIFA Referee

Des was a member of the 1959 Third Division Premiership winning team and later for a couple of seasons as an unelected President of the club's senior soccer division. Des obtained his grade 1 refereeing certificate in 1969 and was a member of the Referees Federation management committee from 1967 to 1975. He was vice president of the Federation from 1978 to 2001 and was awarded Life Membership in 1978. He held the position of State Referees Coach from 1973 to 1989. In 1977 Des obtained his Federation of International Football Association's (FIFA) badge in 1977 which enabled him to referee matches any where in the world. Des has also been involved in coaching junior referees. Highlights of his career have including refereeing matches between Australia/Queensland and opposition from Russia, Israel, Canada, China, Manchester United, Chelsea, Middlesborough, Glasgow Rangers, and Hong Kong. In July 2011, Des featured in a Courier Mail article written by Bernie Pramberg. Click here to read the article.

Family Club

Mitchelton has a history of several generations of a family playing for the club. Some of the names which have been synonymous with Mitchelton Club are Jim Docherty, John Tree, Vic Marshall, Stockdales, McJannetts and Fred Gray and Tom Jones, while the Lairds (Willie, Bob, Tom, Carson, Andy, Bill, Bob, Eddie, Matthew, John, Graham and Shane), the Greens (Albert, George, Percy, Fred, Brian, Doug, Merv, Ernie, Keith, Gary, Robert, Ken and Keith Jnr), the Lincolns (Bill, George, Geoff and Andrew), the Moreys (Gordon, Graham, Peter, Neil, Daniel, Carl and Trent) have ensured there has always been some of their members active in the Club. Individual records are those of George Lincoln and Carson Laird both Life Members and Club members for over 50 years. Both Sid, the father, and John, the son, of Bill Sharman, one of the two surviving members of the 1948 premiership team, played for Mitchelton.

Queen's Birthday Weekend Carnival and Fete

One of the highlights of the Club's year was the Annual Fete and Under 9 Carnival held on the Queen's Birthday holiday. This event was held from the late 1960s to the early 1990s and was a big fund raiser. Stalls were conducted by teams not involved in the carnival. One of the largest Under 9 Carnivals held was in 1983 when 20 teams participated including sides from Gympie, Dalby, Ipswich and Toowoomba. The major final was won by the Mitchelton Under 9 Division 1 North team defeating Pine Rivers. The consolation final was won by Eastern Suburbs defeating Albany Creek. In addition to the under 9 competition, Dalby Association brought teams in the 10, 11 and 12 age groups to play against Mitchelton teams.

Miss Mitchelton

The Miss Mitchelton Quest was part of a fund raising event conducted by the Brisbane Junior Soccer Association as the Miss Junior Soccer Competition. The participating clubs were permitted to retain 80% of the funds raised by competition entrants. The balance was used for Brisbane junior representative teams. The Annual Quest was held during the 1970s and 80s. Known Miss Mitchelton entrants included: Cheryl Miles, Karen Tanzer, Kellie Jones and Joan Van Kuijck.

Stalwart Jackets

As part of the Club's Rewards and Recognition Strategy the following players were awarded the first Mitchie Stalwart Jackets for having played for the Club for a total of twenty years.

  • Graham Morey - 1956 - 1981. Played 25 seasons missing only two seasons while traveling around Australia and overseas.
  • Peter Morey - 1957 - 1993. Missed only two seasons when traveling around Australia and overseas before retiring after the World Masters Games in 1994
  • Geoff Lincoln - 1962 - 1991. Played 27 seasons for Mitchelton missing a couple of seasons having brief stints at other clubs. Retired in 1991 after playing in 1991 Second Division Grand Final winning team.
  • Kevin Jones - 1962 - 1990. Played a total of 23 years for the Club and three seasons Commercial League.
  • Garth Jones - 1964 - 1987. Played a total of 23 years for the club with one year with another club.
  • Craig Roberts - 1964 -1990. Played 17 consecutive seasons until 1980 before a stint at another club. Returned to Mitchelton in 1986 playing couple of seasons before playing finishing in Commercial League in 1990.
  • Graeme Anderson - 1969 - 1996. Played junior soccer for Mitchelton for 4 seasons before transferring to other clubs. Returned to Mitchelton in 1980 and playing continuously for a further 17 seasons.
  • Darryl Heiner - 1969 - present. Playing career with Mitchelton broken by stints with other Premier League team. Continuing to play for Mitchie in one of our Over 35 teams.
  • Ritchie Puttock - 1971 - 1999. Played a total of 27 seasons broken by brief stints with other clubs.
  • Brett McDonald - 1973 - 1998. Played for Mitchelton for a total of 25 seasons missing only the 1984 season. Club's leading goal-scorer on a number of occasions. Brett along with Michael Black was awarded a Testimonial Year by the Club and funds were raised to construct the shaded area at the front of our Clubhouse.
  • Grant Bryant - 1975 - present. Played for Mitchelton for 10 years before transferring to other clubs. He returned to Mitchelton in 1987 and played a further 15 seasons missing only a couple of seasons. Currently playing in Over 35 team.
  • Michael Black - 1976 - present. Currently coaches and plays in Over 35 team in his 25th season with the Club. Voted Mr Football on several occasions and is a member of the Mitchelton Team of the Century.
  • Phil Millard - 1976 - 2001. Played a total of 24 seasons with Mitchelton missing two seasons while interstate and having a year off.
  • Paul Bland - 1977 - 2001. Played 23 season missing only one while interstate. Paul is a member of the Mitchelton Team of the Century
  • Rohan Cassell - 1974 - 2005. Played 11 consecutive seasons giving the game away before returning to play a further 11 seasons. Rohan is a past president of the club

Unknown Team

On the Club House wall is of a photograph of a team about which only limited information is available. The player in the front row with the ball has been identified by his granddaughter as being David Campbell, father of Malcolm Campbell, who played with the Club in its successful teams in 1948 and 1959. It is believed that the photo would have been taken somewhere between 1918 and about 1925. Any information on this team would be appreciated.

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2017 Fixtures & Results

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Womens Premier League

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U10 Komodo Dragons North 1


U10 Komodo Dragons Brisbane 2


U11 Geckos North 1


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U11 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U11 Komodo Dragons North 1


U11 Komodo Dragons Brisbane 2


McDonalds Junior Divisional

(Under 12 to Under 16)

U12 Div 3 North


U12 Div 3 Girls


U12 Div 4 North


U12 Div 6 North


U12 Div 7 North


U13 Div 1


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U13 Div 4 North


U13 Div 6 North


U14 Div 1


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U14 Div 2


U14 Div 3 North


U14 Div 4 North


U14 Div 5 North


U15 Div 1 Girls


U15 Div 3


U15 Div 6


U16 Div 2


U16 Div 4


Wet Weather Procedures

Match Days - To see if matches have been cancelled due to wet weather:

  1. Check the Football Brisbane website (click here for Senior ground closures  and click here for Junior ground closures ) which provides up to the minute information on ground closures for fixtures. This should be your first point of contact for all wet weather enquires;
  2. Check the Mitchie FC website for updates;
  3. Contact your team manager or coach;



Training Nights - To see if training has been cancelled because of bad weather:

  1. We will endeavour to post field closures on the Mitchie FC website between 4pm - 5pm;
  2. If this information is not available it is important that ONLY Managers call the Club to determine whether training has been cancelled.
  3. It is then the responsibility of the Manager to contact their respective teams.


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