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2015 Rego Fees PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 December 2014

Mitchelton Football Club Registration Fees


   Age Group

   Registration Fee** Match and/or Referee Fees?^^


$120 per child No extra fees

Junior MiniRoos

(Under 6 – Under 11)

$325 first child

$275 each additional child##

Weekly match fee of $7

Junior Divisional

(Under 12 - Under 16)

$325 first child

$275 each additional child##

Weekly match fee of $7 plus referee fees
 Super Youth League (Under 12)  $600 No extra fees

 Senior Women (City League Div 3 & below)

 $425 per player

Referee fees

Senior Women (City Leagues 1/2) $455 per player Referee fees
Senior Women (BPL)
$455 per player
Referee fees
 Under 18 Senior Men  $660 per player No extra fees
Senior Men (City League)  $475 per player Referee fees
Senior Men BPL (Under 16 & Under 18) $750 per player No extra fees
Senior Men BPL (First & Reserves) $750 per player
No extra fees

  Over 30s (Women)

 $340 per player

No extra fees
Over 35s/45s (Men)  $370 per player No extra fees


  • ** The fee does not include transaction fees that may be charged by financial merchants for online payments.

  • ## The discount of $50 for each additional junior player will be available via a rebate. This will be payable following the first round of fixtures once the Director of Junior Football has verified that the family is eligible for the discount. Please pay the full amount during registration.


Please note due to field and coaching staff availability a limit may be placed on the number of registered players should numbers prove to be excessive.


  • Registration with Football Brisbane, Football QLD & Football Federation of  Australia;
  • Basic Player Insurance cover for all players (including Over 30s, 35s or 45s players);
  • Complete playing strip to use and keep  (jersey, shorts & socks) valued at approximately $60 for most players (shirt only for Midgets, and no jersey for Over 30s/35s/45s);
  • Training equipment & facilities including use of floodlights for training or night games and reasonable maintenance of grounds of the club;
  • Membership to the Mitchelton Sports Club Inc.  If the registered player is under 18 years of age then one (1) parent or guardian will receive membership.  The parent or guardian who signs the documents is the person who will receive the membership:
  • Access to a paid, professional Technical Director of Junior Coaching;
  • End of season trophies, a team photo (juniors only) and an end of season break-up.
  • The following age groups receive additional benefits as part of their registration fee:


Super Youth League (Under 12) 
Includes referee/weekly match fees, training kit, match balls & coaching contribution 
 Under 18 Senior Men  Includes referee/weekly match fees and club polo shirt.
Senior Men BPL (First & Reserves) Includes referee/weekly match fees, track suit & club polo shirt.
Senior Men BPL (Under 16 & Under 18) Includes referee/weekly match fees, track suit & club polo shirt.
Over 30s (Women) Includes referee/weekly match fees
 Over 35s/45s (Men) Includes referee/weekly match fees plus entry to end of year function





Parents wishing to de-register or transfer their children from the Club will need to obtain a clearance from the Club.  Documents required for this process can be obtained from the Football Brisbane website (   The Management Committee of the Mitchelton Football Club has discretion to determine if a refund of registration fees is appropriate. 




All refunds must be approved by the relevant Football Director i.e. Senior, Junior or Women.  No refunds will be allocated without the appropriate receipt number.


Contact your relevant Football Director detailing the name of the players and the reason for refund request.  Please include the receipt number and preferred postal address as refunds are provided by cheque. 


Upon receipt of your request the Football Director will advise you of additional paperwork that may be required by Football Brisbane.  This paperwork must be received prior to the processing of your refund.


If approved, these details will be forwarded to the Treasurer for processing.  Please allow three (3) weeks from approval to receiving your cheque.


Please note that there is a non-refundable administration fee associated with registration. Details will be provided upon enquiry. No refunds will be accepted for the return of worn strips or playing equipment.



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2017 Fixtures & Results

Please click the links below to see Mitchelton fixtures for 2017 (link to Football Brisbane):


Mens Brisbane Premier League

Flight Centre Premier League


Flight Centre Premier Reserves  


Flight Centre Premier Under 18


Womens Premier League

Mt Franklin Womens Premier League


Mt Franklin Womens Premier League Reserves  


Red Lion Super Youth League (SYL)

SYL Under 16


SYL Under 15


SYL Under 12


Senior Mens

Mens Under 20


Mens Under U18 Div 1 Blue


Mens Under 18 Div 3


City League 4 Blue


City League 6 Blue


City League 7 Blue


Senior Womens

Womens City League 1


Womens City League 3 Blue


Womens City League 4 Blue


Womens City League 5 Blue


ALDI MiniRoos (Under 6 - Under 11)

Under 6


Under 7


Under 8


U9 Geckos North Brisbane Hub


U9 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U9 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 2


U9 Komodo Dragons Nth Brisbane


U10 Geckos Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U10 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U10 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 2


U10 Komodo Dragons North 1


U10 Komodo Dragons Brisbane 2


U11 Geckos North 1


U11 Geckos North 2


U11 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U11 Komodo Dragons North 1


U11 Komodo Dragons Brisbane 2


McDonalds Junior Divisional

(Under 12 to Under 16)

U12 Div 3 North


U12 Div 3 Girls


U12 Div 4 North


U12 Div 6 North


U12 Div 7 North


U13 Div 1


U13 Div 1 Girls


U13 Div 4 North


U13 Div 6 North


U14 Div 1


U14 Div 1 Girls


U14 Div 2


U14 Div 3 North


U14 Div 4 North


U14 Div 5 North


U15 Div 1 Girls


U15 Div 3


U15 Div 6


U16 Div 2


U16 Div 4


Wet Weather Procedures

Match Days - To see if matches have been cancelled due to wet weather:

  1. Check the Football Brisbane website (click here for Senior ground closures  and click here for Junior ground closures ) which provides up to the minute information on ground closures for fixtures. This should be your first point of contact for all wet weather enquires;
  2. Check the Mitchie FC website for updates;
  3. Contact your team manager or coach;



Training Nights - To see if training has been cancelled because of bad weather:

  1. We will endeavour to post field closures on the Mitchie FC website between 4pm - 5pm;
  2. If this information is not available it is important that ONLY Managers call the Club to determine whether training has been cancelled.
  3. It is then the responsibility of the Manager to contact their respective teams.


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