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Mitchelton Sports Club is a fully licensed Club, and it’s important to understand the rules and regulations of the facility. These rules are set in place to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Members of the Management Committee will be able to assist if you have any queries


The Rules and Regulations

As with any large sporting club, rules and regulations are set in place to benefit all members. Mitchelton Football Club would ask all Parents, Players and Friends to please observe the following.


  1. All persons must comply with these Club rules.
  2. Alcohol will only be served to persons 18 years or older and is to be consumed within the designated areas.  Patrons are reminded that it is an offence to supply alcohol to minors.
  3. No smoking inside the Club grounds. Only the designated smoking areas are to be used.
  4. Children must be supervised at all times.
  5. No football boots or bare feet inside the Clubhouse.
  6. Appropriate language and sportsmanship is to be displayed at all times.
  7. Please DO NOT speed in our car park.
  8. Please encourage children to respect our trees and not climb on our football goalposts or nets.
  9. Please keep our grounds clean and tidy
  10. Only authorised persons are permitted to park in Committee car park.

It’s important to us to keep our Clubhouse and facilities as clean and tidy as possible, and this includes the playing fields and surrounding areas.  The bulk of our facility is public parklands over which we hold a lease.  Your club sees this as a privilege and respects it as such.  Please help us keep the park in the condition that benefits all local users, not just us, and makes people proud to be a part of the club.  Consideration should be shown for other players and team officials by leaving dressing rooms in a clean state for the teams that use them after you.  Please make sure that you place all rubbish in the bins provided.

Communication Protocol

Mitchelton Football Club has established processes for raising questions and concerns, including general enquiries.  Simply, the first point of call for questions, enquiries and concerns is your Team Manager.  If it is a matter not applicable or appropriate to be raised with the Team Manager, or if you have not received a satisfactory answer from the Team Manager, the matter should be directed to the club President or Secretary. 


Team Managers are provided with appropriate information to assist them in directing enquiries to the appropriate club officer.


Mitchelton Football Club has a formal complaints resolution policy and procedure.  Please direct all complaints to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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2017 Fixtures & Results

Please click the links below to see Mitchelton fixtures for 2017 (link to Football Brisbane):


Mens Brisbane Premier League

Flight Centre Premier League


Flight Centre Premier Reserves  


Flight Centre Premier Under 18


Womens Premier League

Mt Franklin Womens Premier League


Mt Franklin Womens Premier League Reserves  


Red Lion Super Youth League (SYL)

SYL Under 16


SYL Under 15


SYL Under 12


Senior Mens

Mens Under 20


Mens Under U18 Div 1 Blue


Mens Under 18 Div 3


City League 4 Blue


City League 6 Blue


City League 7 Blue


Senior Womens

Womens City League 1


Womens City League 3 Blue


Womens City League 4 Blue


Womens City League 5 Blue


ALDI MiniRoos (Under 6 - Under 11)

Under 6


Under 7


Under 8


U9 Geckos North Brisbane Hub


U9 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U9 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 2


U9 Komodo Dragons Nth Brisbane


U10 Geckos Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U10 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U10 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 2


U10 Komodo Dragons North 1


U10 Komodo Dragons Brisbane 2


U11 Geckos North 1


U11 Geckos North 2


U11 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U11 Komodo Dragons North 1


U11 Komodo Dragons Brisbane 2


McDonalds Junior Divisional

(Under 12 to Under 16)

U12 Div 3 North


U12 Div 3 Girls


U12 Div 4 North


U12 Div 6 North


U12 Div 7 North


U13 Div 1


U13 Div 1 Girls


U13 Div 4 North


U13 Div 6 North


U14 Div 1


U14 Div 1 Girls


U14 Div 2


U14 Div 3 North


U14 Div 4 North


U14 Div 5 North


U15 Div 1 Girls


U15 Div 3


U15 Div 6


U16 Div 2


U16 Div 4


Wet Weather Procedures

Match Days - To see if matches have been cancelled due to wet weather:

  1. Check the Football Brisbane website (click here for Senior ground closures  and click here for Junior ground closures ) which provides up to the minute information on ground closures for fixtures. This should be your first point of contact for all wet weather enquires;
  2. Check the Mitchie FC website for updates;
  3. Contact your team manager or coach;



Training Nights - To see if training has been cancelled because of bad weather:

  1. We will endeavour to post field closures on the Mitchie FC website between 4pm - 5pm;
  2. If this information is not available it is important that ONLY Managers call the Club to determine whether training has been cancelled.
  3. It is then the responsibility of the Manager to contact their respective teams.


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