About Junior Football at Mitchie

_dsc6482The Junior football teams at Mitchelton are a very large component of our Club. We have over 700 players in our teams and have had to limit the numbers of players at times to ensure that we can continue to provide adequate training and car parking facilities.


Mitchelton FC is one of largest Clubs in Brisbane. Mitchelton Football Club is a community minded organisation with a vision that ensures the continued development of football facilities whilst ensuring the Teralba Park precinct retains a green open space for all current and future Mitchelton generations. The club works closely with the Brisbane City Council to ensure the park is developed with this vision in mind.


Mitchie FC welcomes new members and wishes that all junior players and parents have a great experience meeting new friends and enjoying what is a fantastic sport.


Junior Sign-On Information

For full details about the 2017 sign-on process, please click here


Junior Registration Fees

Click here to see:

  • The registration fees for 2017;

  • What is included in the registration fees;

  • De-registration process; and

  • Registration refund process.


What does it all cost for a junior player?

So, taking all of the above into account, you should take into consideration the cost of all of the items listed below in order to determine what dollars you are up for to have a child play with the club. Please note that some of these items are optional.


  • Must Have
    • Registration Fees (which includes Mitchelton Shorts & Socks) 

    • Match Fees 

    • Referee Fees (for Divisional team players)

    • Shin Pads

    • Boots


  • Should Have
    • Training Ball
    • Water Bottle


  • Could Have
    • Sports bag
    • Towel
    • Tape for bootlaces
    • Mitchelton Club Polo or Training Shirt
    • Contribution towards end-of-season individual team breakup   


Junior Playing Information  


Junior Match Fees

All junior players pay a match fee to the Club for every game they play except for the finals series. Managers will be responsible for collecting the appropriate Match Fees from each child and placing the fees into the envelope provided and returned to the Club as soon as possible after the game. Club Match Fees are $7 per player per game.  


Match fees contribute to paying for club operational costs, including match balls, nets, whistles, grounds maintenance, BCC rates, water usage charges, insurances, electricity, phone and other items require to run the club and maintain the facility.


Team managers may also seek an additional contribution per player per game to be put towards an individual team breakup (outside the MFC Junior break up) at the conclusion of the season. This is normally decided by a team manager in consultation with the team member’s parents. It is up to individual teams to make the decision as to whether they wish to hold their own breakup for the players.


Age Group Information for 2017

The age group for football in Australia is based on calender years (1 January to 31 December). Players can play up a year to be with friends for U6-U11, but will be graded into the right age group from U12 up, with exceptions only to facilitate a team short of players or for physically mature players.


For the 2017 winter season, the qualifying birth years are:


Age Group

Year of Birth

Age Group

Year of Birth

Under 6

Players born in 2011 and 2012

Under 12

Players born in 2005

Under 7

Players born in 2010

Under 13

Players born in 2004

Under 8

Players born in 2009

Under 14

Players born in 2003

Under 9

Players born in 2008

Under 15

Players born in 2002

Under 10

Players born in 2007

Under 16

Players born in 2001

Under 11

Players born in 2006

Under 18

Players born in 1999


Grading Policy 

The grading policies with respect to particular age groups are as follows:

  • Under 6 to Under 11 (MiniRoos) - There is no grading of players for these age groups. All teams are selected based on 1) playing in a previous Mitchelton team, 2) if the player knows another player or 3) which school they go to. Under 9, Under 10 and Under 11 players will be provided with the opportunity to train and play with age-related development squads.
  • Under 12 to 16 - In these age groups, players will go through a formal grading process. Players will be placed into teams that suit their ability. Previous team affiliations/friends are not necessarily able to be considered. • ONLY players who are registered with Mitchelton FC can participate in training/assessment/grading sessions. • In allocating players to teams the Club may need to take into account the need for coaches and/or managers in each team.
  • The Club will make every endeavor to ensure that all “Divisional” teams play in the Division that suits their abilities.
  • The Club will make every endeavor to place registered players into a team. In a very small number of instances this may mean that a player may have to be offered the option of “playing up” into a higher age group team if they are the only places left available. This option will only be taken with the full consent of the player and parents and only if the Club believes that the player can handle playing in the higher age group.
  • Where the situation arises that there are insufficient numbers of players to enable a particular team to be fielded in an age group, the “playing up” option will be explored, and, failing that, the Club will assist in identifying other Clubs who may be able to use players from such teams.  


Coaches and Managers

As with any organisation of our size, it is sometimes difficult to find qualified coaches for all teams. Every team is required to have a Coach and a Manager. Coaches and Managers are usually sourced from parents or relations of the players. Should any parent feel they would like to get into coaching please contact our Technical Director via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). You are also able to participate in a Level I coaching course, but this is not compulsory. In recent years Mitchie has run Level 1 coaching courses in conjunction with Coerver Coaching Australia and this has been very well received by coaches from all age groups.


Please note a Coaches and Managers Information session will be held before the commencement of fixtures. The Manager from each team MUST attend one of these sessions. Please contact Pedr Kilpatrick ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) if you require further information on these sessions.


Coach and Manager ID Cards

All coaches and managers will be issued with ID cards indicating that a coach and manager are bona fide team officials. These MUST be worn at all fixtures. Referees will only acknowledge team officials who are wearing ID cards. Failure to comply with this rule could result in loss of points and a Club fine. Coaches and Managers of Junior and Seniors teams need to apply for their ID cards in My Football Club and upload an appropriate passport style photo with a light background. ID cards will then be issued by Football Brisbane before the season commences.


Player Identification

Football Brisbane now requires that a photo of all players must be uploaded into the My Football registration system for identification purposes. This is quite a simple process and must be completed before the first official match of the season. Just log into the My Football system (live.myfootballclub.com.au/selfreg), go to "edit my details", and follow the instructions (for support using the website, please contact (02) 8020 4199 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


Only Registered Player Permitted to Play

Only registered players are permitted to train and play matches. Divisional teams who play unapproved players will have points removed and the club will be fined. Managers should check that all players are registered and approved before the first fixture. Unregistered players are also not covered by insurance.


Fixture Details

Coaches and managers will be provided with fixture details as soon as they become available from Football Brisbane. These will also be listed on our website. It is the Manager's responsibility to ensure all players are informed as to the time and venue of their game and that all players have transport to and from the ground. Ground location sheets will need to be supplied to all parents. It is important that players arrive at the ground at least 30 minutes before kick off time, as officials will often prohibit latecomers from taking the field. Ground locations and any changes to fixtures can be found on the Football Brisbane website http://www.thewashingline.com.au/ .


The Team Benches

Only team officials and interchange/reserve players are permitted to sit on the team benches (Dugout). All players must remain seated whilst in the dugout and are required to wear a bib or alternate coloured shirt over their playing strip. The referees have the right to remove both players and team officials from the dugout. Any such request should be adhered to without complaint.


Playing Time

It is the policy of Mitchelton Football Club that ALL children be given fair time on the field. Players will not develop by regularly sitting on the bench. Coaches of teams playing in higher ranked and competitive divisional teams, and in finals competition matches may use their discretion to change their on-field players to suit the status of the match.


Home Strips

Every player will be allocated a full home playing kit at the beginning of the season (Jersey, shorts and socks). It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that they wear their kit to each match. 


Alternate Strips

Each team Manager should check before each match on the shirt colours of the opposition. If you have a colour clash:


  • Juniors - the HOME team will need to wear an alternate strip.
  • Seniors – the AWAY team will need to wear an alternate strip.


Managers should sign-out an alternate strip in the week before the match and this is to be noted in the alternate strip register. DO NOT keep alternate strips, as other teams will need them, so it is imperative that managers ensure that these are returned promptly. We ask that all alternate strips be returned washed to the Club on the first training night after the game.


Borrowing Players

If teams are likely to be short of players for a game teams are entitled to borrow players from another Mitchelton team in accordance with Football Brisbane regulations. There are strict rules for borrowing players and the breaking of these rules will result in loss of points and fines to the Club. Managers and coaches are asked to keep a note of all borrowed players so that they do not become ineligible for their own team. Before borrowing a particular player, the arrangement must always be discussed with the player's team manager in the first instance and then with the player's parents. If a player is borrowed they do not have to pay the match fee a second time.


Ground Officials

This season we will ask each team to provide Ground Officials. Training and a list of duties will be provided at the Managers and Coaches Information evening held prior to the commencement of season. At all junior games there will be at least one (1) Ground Official appointed from the Home Club to each game. The Ground Official will ensure the correct functioning of the day. Ground Officials will be easily identified by their bright orange vests. ANY PROBLEMS ON THE DAY SHOULD BE REFERRED TO A GROUND OFFICAL.


Match Sheets

For all junior Divisional competition age groups (Under 12 - Under 16) the team Manager will need to complete a match sheet for every game. It is extremely important that you make yourself aware of the CORRECT way to fill out a match sheet. REMEMBER: NO FELT PENS!!


1) It is the responsibility of EACH team to supply TWO COPIES of the match sheet to the referee for their team.

2) The full name of each player taking part in the match must be written along with their corresponding shirt number.

3) Junior Players do NOT have to sign the sheet.

4) Incorrect spelling of names or incorrectly filled out match sheets can and will result in a Club fine and loss of points for the team. The match sheet must then be handed to the Referee a minimum of 15 minutes prior to kick off with the referee fees. These fines will not be paid by the club but will be passed to the individual teams to be paid.

5) At the end of the match, both teams Managers need to sign and exchange copies of each others match sheets. The referee will complete and sign etc.

6) It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to forward the copies of the original match sheets to Football Brisbane. 


Match Results

From Under 12's up it is the responsibility of the Managers to update results of the game onto the Results Vault website. Managers need to register with the results system (Sporting Pulse) to have access to updating results. Assistance will be provided by the club registrar to complete this. Team Managers will then email the team sheets to FB after uploading the results each week.


Wet Weather Procedures

It is important Managers let all players know of the wet weather procedures. The Football Brisbane website provides up to the minute information on ground closures for fixtures. This should be your first point of contact for all wet whether enquires. Decisions for morning matches will usually be made at 7am on the day of the game. It is no good ringing the day before as no decision will be made.


If Teralba Park is closed for fixtures due to wet weather we will endeavour to have this information listed on our website in addition to the Football Brisbane website. We will also send this information out via Facebook and Twitter where possible. 


For wet weather information on training nights we will endeavour to post field closures on the Mitchie FC website between 4pm - 5pm. We will also send this information out via Facebook and Twitter where possible.If this information is not available it is important that ONLY Managers call the Club to determine whether training has been cancelled. It is then the responsibility of the Manager to contact their respective teams. With over 700 children at our Club it can sometimes become a bit hectic answering all the phone calls. A good team procedure will eradicate a lot of the problems.


Trial or Friendly Games

NO team is to play a trial or friendly game against another Club without first seeking permission from the Club. All games must be sanctioned by Football Brisbane in order for the players to be covered by insurance.


Playing Equipment  

Under our Duty of Care policy ALL children must wear shin pads and boots to training & games. Any player not wearing these will not be allowed to participate.


The club encourages all players to have their own correct size football and to bring it to training. Please make sure your ball is clearly marked with your name.


Ball Sizes

  • Under 6, 7, 8, 9 - Size 3

  • Under 10, 11, 12, 13 - Size 4

  • Under 14, 15, 16 & above - Size 5


Training Schedule

Click here to see the 2017 training schedule. Please note that this is subject to change, particularly in the early stages of the season. 


General Information


Players who are likely to require the use of an asthma treatment medication during a game should have their names marked with an “A” on the match sheet to ensure that a referee does not refuse the use of such medication during a game. Players who require such medication must bring their own supply to all matches.



If a player is required to wear spectacles, please ensure that they have plastic lenses and that they are suitably restrained such that they cannot be dislodged during a game


Contact Lenses

If a player wears contact lenses, it is a wise precaution to take a spare set to games.



Both male and female players should be aware that a match referee is entitled to request that jewellery including chains, watches, bracelets and body piecing such as earrings, nose rings and eyebrow studs be removed prior to a player taking the field.



Players, at the referee’s discretion, may wear hats with soft brims.



Players are not permitted to play if they have casts on broken limbs. The referee has the final say on what medical supports are considered to be dangerous to players.



Players are encouraged to provide their own water bottle for every game and training session. Dehydration is a real concern to player safety.


Personal Valuables

Please ensure all personal items especially valuables are kept within your sight and not left in the Clubhouse or dressing rooms. Whilst every effort will be made to locate missing items, the Club cannot take responsibility for any such loss.


Emergency Procedures

If a player is injured there is a First Aid Kit and ice available within the clubhouse. Please seek the assistance of a Club Official or Ground Official. If an ambulance is required please call ‘000’ and state your location as Mitchelton Football Club, Teralba Park, Osbourne Road Mitchelton.



Players are encouraged to supply their own sunscreen as many games are played during the day.