Meet Women's Premier League Captain - Katie McDonald
Wednesday, 15 March 2017

katie-macWe took time out to chat to our very successful Women’s Premier League Captain Katie McDonald about the upcoming 2017 season. The ladies kick off their season this Saturday night, 18 March and the mood in the squad is at an all time high.


2017 was a record breaking season for Mitchie – Premiership, Grand Final and Cup – as a captain how did you feel looking back?

  • It was a shock to win all three trophies, if you would have asked me at the start of last season I wouldn't of thought we would of won one let alone all three!!!


It’s been a long road to the top for Mitchie, what’s it been like over the years?

  • It's been a long hard road to where we are now, but a lot has changed for the better of women's football at Mitchie with a lot of hard work form the committee and of course the coaches.


How are things shaping up for 2017? How has preseason gone so far?

  • Our main focus was fitness and it's already paying off during the pre-season friendlies by winning the Pine Hills Invitational Series. Overall pre-season has been hard but it’s surely paying off.


Any new signings you are excited about?

  • We have a few new signings that are already fitting in to the team very nicely.


What are your aims for 2017?

  • To retain all three trophies and maintain our sexy football that we play.


Who do you think will be your biggest threats in this coming season?

  • Capalaba if it's anything like our preseason friendly it's going be a very physical and close match.


What can people expect to see when they come and watch women this year?

  • You will see a strong attacking football team with sexy goals along the way