Womens Auxillary
Thursday, 08 November 2007

No organisation can function successfully without adequate funds being raised and to assist in this a Women's Auxiliary was formed. The ladies worked tirelessly raising funds with which they purchased the first flood lights at Mitchelton Oval and also the Club's original refrigerator. Other fundraising activities were morning teas, dances, cake stalls and raffles at the local RSL.


Some of the Women's Auxiliary members were Vi Perry, Mabel Parker, Beryl Warren, Iris Brooker, Edna Jones, Moya Smith, June Green, Mrs Green, Thelma Clarke, Flo Gray, Rita Doherty, Jo Tedman and Pat McDonald. Laurie and Jo Tedman owned a fruit shop in Blackwood Street at Mitchelton and supplied fruit trays for raffles and for many of the prizes after the games.