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Junior Age Group Information for 2017


The age group for football in Australia is based on calender years (1 January to 31 December). Players can play up a year to be with friends for U6-U11, but will be graded into the right age group from U12 up, with exceptions only to facilitate a team short of players or for physically mature players.


For the 2017 winter season, the qualifying birth years are:


Age Group

Year of Birth

Age Group

Year of Birth

Under 6

Players born in 2011 and 2012

Under 12

Players born in 2005

Under 7

Players born in 2010

Under 13

Players born in 2004

Under 8

Players born in 2009

Under 14

Players born in 2003

Under 9

Players born in 2008

Under 15

Players born in 2002

Under 10

Players born in 2007

Under 16

Players born in 2001

Under 11

Players born in 2006

Under 18

Players born in 1999



MIDGETS (Miniroos Kick-off)


  • The Mitchie Midgets program is designed to introduce three and four year olds to football.

  • The program is part of Football Queensland's Miniroos Kick-off program which was created to develop the motor skills of 3 to 5 year olds and introduce them to football in a fun and learning way.

  • The weekly sessions are run by qualified coaches. Parents and guardians are encouraged to assist.

  • Players taking part will need sandshoes or boots.

  • The club will supply training equipment and footballs for the sessions.

  • Sessions will held at 9:00am on Saturday mornings, and all players receive a shirt, small carry bag, small ball and drink bottle as part of the program.

  • The program runs for 18 weeks starting in mid-March. 

  • A 50% refund is available after 9 weeks if the child withdraws from the program.



 UNDER 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 (MiniRoos)


  • The minimum age to register to play junior football is 5 years of age.


  • MiniRoos (formerly known as Small Sided Football) is a smaller version of football that provides boys and girls aged 5 - 11 with a fun introduction to the world game. Click here (available soon)  to go to the Football Brisbane website which contains up-to-date details about the rules, field sizes and other relevant information for MiniRoos. 


  • Football Australia's MiniRoos website also contains information for players, parents and coaches about this form of the game.


  • Click here to a document which contains information about playing formats and rules. 


  • MiniRoos is designed for kids; it is all about having fun, learning new skills and making life-long friends.


  • Games will be played on a Saturday morning, mostly at home with some games at nearby clubs. 


  • Each team is required to provide their own Coach, Manager and Ground Official. Training programs and guidance will be provided by qualified coaching staff from the Club.


  • In MiniRoos there are no premiership points or final series and therefore no results or tables are recorded. The games are designed to allow the frequent interchange of players so that all players get equal time on the field. This helps young players develop the skills needed for all positions and players can, in later years, make a decision about which position they enjoy the most. 


  • Training will be one night per week for 1 to 1.5 hours (except for U9, U10 & U11 development squads who train twice a week).


  • All players must have Shin Pads, Shoes and wear the provided club strip. 


  • Referees are supplied by the Club.


  • ONLY registered Mitchelton players are eligible to attend training nights and play in games. 


  • NOTE - Mitchelton FC imposes no age restriction on junior women players playing in mixed gender teams.



 UNDER 12 to 16 (Divisional Competitions)


  • These age groups are known as Divisional teams.


  • In these age groups, players will go through a grading process (see page 10 for further details about the grading process). Players will be placed into teams that suit their ability. ONLY players who are registered with Mitchelton can participate in the grading process, training sessions and games.


  • Click here to go to the Football Brisbane website which contains up-to-date details about the rules,field sizes and other relevant information.


  • All teams will play a home and away fixture series.


  • All fixtures are played for points towards a premiership and a finals series.


  • At the end of the fixture rounds the team on the top of the table will be the Premiers.


  • All teams will train 1 or 2 nights a week at the coach's discretion.


  • All players must have Boots, Shin Pads and wear the provided club strip.


  • Official Football Brisbane Referees are supplied whenever possible. If Football Brisbane is unable toprovide referees it is the responsibility of the home team to provide referees.


  • NOTE -  Mitchelton FC imposes no age restriction on junior women players playing in mixed gender teams.





  • Our club has qualified to participate in the 2017 Under 12, Under 15 & Under 16 Super Youth League competitions.

  • Click here to go to the Football Brisbane website which contains up-to-date details about the rules, field sizes and other relevant information.

  • The grading process differs as players can trial from other clubs looking for selection in MitcheltonSYL teams.









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2017 Fixtures & Results

Please click the links below to see Mitchelton fixtures for 2017 (link to Football Brisbane):


Mens Brisbane Premier League

Flight Centre Premier League


Flight Centre Premier Reserves  


Flight Centre Premier Under 18


Womens Premier League

Mt Franklin Womens Premier League


Mt Franklin Womens Premier League Reserves  


Red Lion Super Youth League (SYL)

SYL Under 16


SYL Under 15


SYL Under 12


Senior Mens

Mens Under 20


Mens Under U18 Div 1 Blue


Mens Under 18 Div 3


City League 4 Blue


City League 6 Blue


City League 7 Blue


Senior Womens

Womens City League 1


Womens City League 3 Blue


Womens City League 4 Blue


Womens City League 5 Blue


ALDI MiniRoos (Under 6 - Under 11)

Under 6


Under 7


Under 8


U9 Geckos North Brisbane Hub


U9 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U9 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 2


U9 Komodo Dragons Nth Brisbane


U10 Geckos Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U10 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U10 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 2


U10 Komodo Dragons North 1


U10 Komodo Dragons Brisbane 2


U11 Geckos North 1


U11 Geckos North 2


U11 Goannas Nth Brisbane Hub 1


U11 Komodo Dragons North 1


U11 Komodo Dragons Brisbane 2


McDonalds Junior Divisional

(Under 12 to Under 16)

U12 Div 3 North


U12 Div 3 Girls


U12 Div 4 North


U12 Div 6 North


U12 Div 7 North


U13 Div 1


U13 Div 1 Girls


U13 Div 4 North


U13 Div 6 North


U14 Div 1


U14 Div 1 Girls


U14 Div 2


U14 Div 3 North


U14 Div 4 North


U14 Div 5 North


U15 Div 1 Girls


U15 Div 3


U15 Div 6


U16 Div 2


U16 Div 4


Wet Weather Procedures

Match Days - To see if matches have been cancelled due to wet weather:

  1. Check the Football Brisbane website (click here for Senior ground closures  and click here for Junior ground closures ) which provides up to the minute information on ground closures for fixtures. This should be your first point of contact for all wet weather enquires;
  2. Check the Mitchie FC website for updates;
  3. Contact your team manager or coach;



Training Nights - To see if training has been cancelled because of bad weather:

  1. We will endeavour to post field closures on the Mitchie FC website between 4pm - 5pm;
  2. If this information is not available it is important that ONLY Managers call the Club to determine whether training has been cancelled.
  3. It is then the responsibility of the Manager to contact their respective teams.


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