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Last updated 26 Sep 2023
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How to Register for Mitchie FC

Registration Process: 

Registration is now a three-step process, see below for a walkthrough. The process is the same whether you are registering for a high performance squad or just registering your children in a community team. 

Step 1

Register with Mitchelton FC using the Register Now button on the club website (Majestri), providing all requested information.

Registrations can be processed for one or more family members in the one transaction. Once all family members registrations are complete you will receive a detailed invoice for payment. The amount due can be paid:

  • In full (at the time of registration)
  • In full (via direct debit to the designated Club bank account – post registration)
  • Via an approved Payment Plan (to be requested at the time of registration). Please note that a minimum deposit of 20% of the total registration fee must be paid at the time of registration, with remaining fees remitted in full by 30 June 2023.

At the end of this step there is a direct link to Play Football to complete Step 2.

Step 2
Register with Football Queensland (FQ) and Football Australia (FA) in Play Football selecting Mitchelton Football Club as your club of choice for 2023 using the Play Football website. 

Step 3

The Squadi App - When completing the registration in the Squadi App you will receive an invoice to pay the affiliation fees. These affiliation fees are a mandatory requirement by the governing bodies which also include player insurance for the season for players in an approved FQ competition.


  • When registering in Play Football youwill be required to upload a passport style photo, standing front on head and shoulders, less than 5MB and taken within the last 12 months.
  • Over 35s/45s do NOT register in Play Football but must register with the club itself via the MFC online registration process or in person if requiring assistance.Once registered and club fees paid, over 35s/45s are then required to register with their League via the Footsy App
  • Kookas do NOT need to register anywhere except with the MFC registration system.

In Person Registrations

We are looking to host an in person registration day in the first week of February 

Please attempt online registration as its the easiest and fastest option. 

Stay Tuned

Trial and "muster" dates will be announced soon, these typically take place in February. The Junior Director and Coaching Directors will be in contact shortly. 

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