Have you heard the news? In late 2018, our canteen had a revamp and is now a café offering a range of options for all meals of the day.

Whether you’re after a coffee to kick start your day, something to keep you going after training or a game, or a hearty dinner and a cheeky drink, or café has it all. It even has family-sized meals to take away, so why not skip the cooking and grab a meal tonight? 

The menu changes each night, so head to our Facebook page to see what’s on offer! 

We need you!

We're looking for an enthusiastic, friendly person with a permanent smile to help at the Mitchelton Football Club Canteen. 

This role is to start immediately for a local community member.

What's in a day?
  • Prepping for breakfast and lunch service for the day
  • Cooking of breakfast and lunch items during service times
  • Supervise staff - allocate jobs, breaks, menu options, staff shift change
  • Ensuring stock levels are maintained during service
  • Unpacking food deliveries, fridge stocking, tidying of stockroom
  • Food prep for take home meals - menu's and recipes will be supplied
  • Extensive kitchen cleaning - floors, oil change, all equipment, fridges
  • Accept online food deliveries

What skills do I need?
  • Understanding the importance of health and hygiene
  • Plenty of stamina
  • A great team player
  • The ability to listen and learn – fast

What qualifications do I need?
This is the great bit – you don’t need any. If you’ve got a desire to learn to cook, common sense and commitment, you the right person.

Who would it suit?
This role is a dream for those of you who want to cook, but haven’t been to catering college or obtained any qualifications.

What sort of salary can I expect?
The will be a paid Role in line with hospitality rates. Assuming approximately 20 hours per week which will be primarily on Sunday and Monday.

Sounds great, how do I apply?
Please contact Thelma de Beer at the Mitchelton Football Club or email on: for further detail.

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