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Last updated 30 Nov 2023
ALL SUMMER 6'S FIELDS (1,2,3,4)Open
Field 1Closed
Field 10 & 11Closed
Field 2Open
Field 3Closed
Field 4 (Includes 4A & 4B)Closed
Field 5Closed
Field 6Closed
Fields 12 & 13Closed
Fields 7 8 9Closed

2023 U6 & U7 Fixtures

Fixtures for U6 and U7 for the first 5 rounds are available.

Once the outcome of the possible change to home and away games with Brisbane City is known the draw will be finalized.

The game day field map is in the process of being updated and will be correct shortly.

Until then, field map is available at the end of the pathway as you walk into the club.

U6 and U7 Fixtures can be accessed HERE

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