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Last updated 23 Jul 2022
Field 1Open
Field 2Closed
Field 3Open
Field 4 (Includes 4A & 4B)Open
Field 5Open
Field 6Open
Field 9Open
Fields 10, 11 & 12Open
Fields 7 & 8Open

FAQ Summer 6's

Can't find what you're looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out! If there is anything else we can help you with please email us:

When does the competition start?

The first round will commence on Tuesday 12 October and there will be 10 rounds of competition.

What nights are the matches played?

Due to the volatility of numbers each year, we cannot finalise games times until registrations are close. Below is a strong indication of what the schedule will be.

Please note that there is only one competition per age group, and for those competitions where games are played on more than one night, your match may be drawn on either night.


  • Under 6/7
  • Under 8/9
  • Under 14/15
  • Under 16/17


  • Under 8/9
  • Under 10/11
  • Under 14/15
  • Under 16/17
  • Under 18

  • Under 10/11
  • Under 12/13

  • Open Men
  • Open Mixed
  • Open Women
  • Over 30s Women
  • Over 35s Men
  • Over 45s Men


How much does it cost?

Pricing per player is as follows:

  • Under 6 - Under 11 = $90
  • Under 12 - Under 17 = $100
  • Under 18+ = $110


How do I sign up to play?

Online registration and payment can be done here.

Please note that if you have not already registered for insurance with the FFA in 2021, then you must do so here after you have completed the registration with Mitchie FC. A link to the PlayFootball is provided at the final stage of the club registration.


Can I register if I/my child hasn't organised a team?

Yes, of course! Plenty of players register as individuals so competition organisers will allocate you to a team with other like-minded people.


What age group do we register for?

Register for the age group that you/ your child has played in this season, if you played U12 during the regular season, select U12 for summer sixes. If you have never played before, it is the age you will be turning this year (ie. your age at December 31st 2021, 11:59pm).


Will I play teams that are much stronger than mine?

The whole idea of the competition is fun and fitness.

Because there is only one competition per age group, there will be quite a spectrum of teams. In the older age groups, there generally aren't too many blow-outs. For the younger age groups (ie. Under 8 - Under 11), there may be some disparity in the first game or two as the ladder starts to take shape, but the competition system software endeavours to only assign opposition that are in your half of the draw.


Are there any training sessions?

There are no training sessions allocated for teams, however you are welcome to organise your own private sessions following state restrictions and guidelines.


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