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Last updated 14 Mar 2023
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Wet Weather Procedures


Wet Weather Procedure


The purpose of this wet weather procedure is to ensure that the club makes the right decision when faced with adverse weather conditions, in order to minimize the risk of injury to players and damage to the playing surfaces.


This procedure applies to all games and training sessions that are scheduled by the Mitchelton Football Club.


  1. Ground Inspection: In the event of wet weather, the condition of the playing fields will be assessed by the club's grounds committee to determine if the fields are safe and playable. If a field is deemed unsafe or unplayable, the game or training session will be canceled, and the decision will be communicated to all relevant parties.

  2. Notification: Any cancellations or changes due to wet weather will be communicated to members and participants as soon as possible. Depending on the timeliness will depend on medium used; typically the club Facebook page and website will be updated first before a call or text is made to managers or coaches. It is the responsibility of all members and participants to check these channels regularly for updates.

  3. Game Cancellation: If a game is canceled due to wet weather, the opposing team, the relevant football association, and the referees will be notified as soon as possible. The club will work with the opposing team and the association to reschedule the game at a later date.

  4. Training Session Cancellation: If a training session is canceled due to wet weather, the relevant coach or team manager will be notified, who will then communicate the cancellation to their team. The club will work with the coach or team manager to reschedule the training session at a later date.

  5. Player Safety: The safety of all players during wet weather conditions is the top priority for the club. If a game or training session proceeds during wet weather, the club will ensure that the fields are safe for play and that appropriate equipment is available for the conditions.

  6. Monitoring: The club will continuously monitor the weather conditions and the state of the playing surfaces during the game or training session. If the conditions worsen or the playing surfaces become unsafe, the game or training session will be stopped immediately.


The wet weather procedure for Mitchelton Football Club is designed to ensure that the safety of all players is the top priority during adverse weather conditions. By following this procedure, the club can make informed decisions about whether or not to cancel or proceed with games and training sessions during wet weather.

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