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Last updated 9 Sep 2022
Field 1Open
Field 2Closed
Field 3Open
Field 4 (Includes 4A & 4B)Open
Field 5Open
Field 6Open
Field 9Open
Fields 10, 11 & 12Open
Fields 7 & 8Open

Our committee

The Mitchie committee have been elected to ensure the club runs smoothly and its vision and mission are achieved, on behalf of all who are associated with the club. It’s made up of nine people with a mix of knowledge, skills, and experience in both football and committees.  

The responsibilities of the committee include: 
  • ensuring the club complies with all relevant legislation (associated incorporation, food handling, liquor licensing etc)
  • overseeing the financial management of the club
  • ensuring the club is run according to its purpose, policies, and rules
  • ensuring the club is sustainable in terms of finances, facilities, participants, volunteers, and community support. 
  • defining and delivering the club’s vision and mission
  • recruiting, recognising, and empowering the club’s volunteers
  • ensuring all the needs of club members are met – including sporting, competitive, and social needs, and 
  • regularly communicating with members. 

Click here to see our hard-working committee members and their contact details. 

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