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Last updated 18 May 2024
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MiniRoos & Junior Programs - U6-U18

MFC caters for all levels of skill, ability, and aspirations. Information about the various age groups and levels available to junior players is detailed below.

NOTE: Age groups are calculated based on what age the player is turning in the calendar year for that season. E.g. a player turning 13 in 2024 will play Under 13s in that season.

Junior players at MFC are coached in accordance with the FFA Curriculum and under the guidance of our Director of Coaching staff.

Team officials including coaches and managers are sourced from team parents/guardians.

Miniroos (Age 6-11)

Miniroos - Under 6 to Under 8

When:   Training one night a week and games are Saturday mornings (depending on grading for U8 if applicable).

Where:  Games for the U6 & U7 age group are played at MFC as in an inhouse competition if team numbers permit. The U8 teams play in the Football Queensland (FQ) hub and are placed to play against local clubs usually up to 30 mins away. As an example, Samford, Pine Hills, Newmarket, Brisbane City, Grange and Dayboro are often clubs in this age group, however some teams may play further afield. This is a FQ decision as to how the local hubs are grouped for games.

Players in these ages can play with their friends or be allocated to a team if necessary. Each team has a Coach and a Manager, both of whom are usually the parents of a player in that team. Training focuses on the very basic skills of ball control, passing and running. Games are played on a reduced pitch with small goals. There is no positional play, and no results are kept. Participation and fun are essential elements at this level. 

Miniroos - Under 9 to Under 11

When:Training one night a week (two nights a week for those graded into development teams) with games on Saturdays 

Where:Games are at home and away at other clubs

These age groups will be graded into three levels from Under 9, depending on developmental stage. The three levels are:
  • Quokkas (beginner)
  • Wallabies (Intermediate) and 
  • Kangaroos (Advanced) - also known as Development or Academy teams. These teams are graded in October/November the previous year.
It is important to remember that children develop physically and emotionally at very different rates. Being placed in one level doesn't mean they will stay at that level in the future. The purpose of grading is for players to be able to train and play against others at their developmental level. This will keep their confidence up while they work on their skills and fitness. The pitch increases in size with each age group, up to a half full pitch. A goalie and some positional play are introduced to these age groups. Each team will have a Coach and a Manager, both of whom are usually a parent/carer of a player in the team. 

NOTE: Girls will play in mixed teams in Miniroos, however if there are enough girls to form a team to play in an all-girls competition, Mitchelton FC are supportive of this. 

Mitchelton FC may also hold special coaching and social events for girls in these age groups. 


Metro Divisional teams (Age 12-18)

When:Training one or two nights a week (depending on team level) with games on weekends

Where:Games are at home and away against other clubs

Players in these age groups will generally be grouped into divisional levels (e.g. Division 1) according to their level of skill and ability. Beginners are welcome, even if they have no prior experience at all.  Trials for experienced players are generally only held for Metro Junior League/Division 1 and are usually held at the end of the season in anticipation of fielding a strong team the next year. Trials for these teams are usually held in either late October or early November. 


FQ Academy Synopsis

The Football Queensland (FQ) Academy is a development program for young football players in Brisbane and across Queensland. The program is designed to help players develop their skills, knowledge, and understanding of the game, and provide opportunities for them to progress to higher levels of competition.

The FQ Academy Program is open to boys and girls under the age of 18, who have a passion for soccer and a desire to improve their skills. The program is divided into four levels, with each level focusing on specific areas of development.

The first level of the FQ Academy Program concentrates on the four core skills and is designed for players aged 9-13. This phase focuses on developing fundamental skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting, as well as game-related skills such as decision-making and positioning.

The second level is the Game Training Phase (GTP), which is designed for players aged 13-17. The GTP focuses on developing tactical awareness and decision-making in game situations, as well as improving technical skills and fitness.

The third level is the Performance Phase, which is designed for players aged 16-18. The Performance Phase focuses on preparing players for elite competition and high-performance environments, with a focus on individual and team development.

The fourth level is the Elite Player Development (EPD) program, which is designed for the most talented and dedicated players. The EPD program provides a pathway to professional soccer and the opportunity to represent Queensland and Australia in international competitions.

The FQ Academy Program is supported by Football Queensland and a network of affiliated clubs, including Mitchelton FC. The program provides a clear pathway for young football players to develop their skills and achieve their goals, whether that be playing at the highest level of competition or simply enjoying the game with friends.


FQ Academy Overview

The FQ Academy Program is delivered by highly qualified coaches who are accredited by Football Queensland. These coaches are experienced in working with young players and are passionate about developing their skills and abilities.

The program also includes a range of support services, including strength and conditioning, injury prevention and management, nutrition, and sports psychology. These services are designed to help players optimize their performance and reach their full potential.

Players who participate in the FQ Academy Program have the opportunity to represent their club and state in competitions, including the National Premier League (NPL) and the Football Queensland Premier League (FQPL). These competitions provide a high level of competition and exposure to scouts from professional clubs.

In addition to on-field development, the FQ Academy Program also emphasizes the importance of off-field development, including leadership, teamwork, and community involvement. These skills are essential for success both on and off the field.

Overall, the FQ Academy Program is an excellent opportunity for young football players to develop their skills, knowledge, and understanding of the game, and to achieve their goals in a supportive and challenging environment.


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