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Last updated 23 Jul 2022
Field 1Open
Field 2Closed
Field 3Open
Field 4 (Includes 4A & 4B)Open
Field 5Open
Field 6Open
Field 9Open
Fields 10, 11 & 12Open
Fields 7 & 8Open

The Club - a brief overview

Mitchelton Football Club has been a significant player (see what we did there?) in the Brisbane football community since 1920. 

We cater for players of all ages, gender and ability, with around 1,400 active playing members kicking a ball around our club. No matter what your age, gender, or level of skill we will have a team for you.

Our Vision

The club is a prominent and respected community football club celebrated for its junior development initiatives, quality coaching programs, extensive facilities and inclusive and social atmosphere. We are competitive on the pitch and field teams in top tier Brisbane competitions yet preserve a family, community environment where participation is encouraged.


We provide opportunities to play and enjoy the game of football in a positive, family friendly and inclusive environment. We provide a range of innovative programs to encourage participation and develop our people. We offer clearly defined pathways for all involved in the sport.


Community- A united environment that encourages cooperation, participation, diversity and support.

Competency-  An environment that develops skill and knowledge; encourages development and growth and values commitment and diligence.

Teamwork- Working collaboratively and developing and maintaining productive relationships based on mutual respect.

Sportsmanship- We encourage competitive integrity and fair play combined with effort and persistence.

Innovation- We develop and deliver original programs and services.

Performance- We proactively seek and implement opportunities that drive and sustain higher levels of organisational

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